Team Building Retreats

At EarthJOY we are about more than tree climbing! We offer a wide array of choices for your Family or Work TEAM! Below is our recommended tried and true team building or family team building retreat day.

This guide is all about serving you and answering common questions.

If you still have questions after reading through this entire guide please bring your questions to our scheduled chat time. Looking forward to connecting with you!



Tree Climbing in Kentucky $40 for an hour and a half of climbing

Why YOUR team building day with EarthJOY?
Since being in business for 13 years together & realizing they both have different strengths and ways to communicate Shelly & Bill have studied intensively strength finder, NVC communication styles, & communicating from enneagram styles.

Shelly’s expert background as co-owner and Licensed Physical Therapist of Advanced Physical Therapy, P.S.C. , life coach and Kundalini yoga instructor has honed her skills at evaluating individual and team behavior and how to set goals for success based on this information. Bill’s electrical engineer expertise at Roscor and background as previous co-owner of Byrne Chiropractic lends to the creative design and safety of all EarthJoy’s playgrounds!

Bill was a three sport athlete with multiple awards. Shelly & Bill have coached youth teams to win first place three years in a row.

Both Shelly & Bill use their strong intuitive guidance to assist the team leaders in addressing and resolving conflict so YOUR team can flourish!

We partner with the trees to help you develop a stronger kinesthetic sense of what it takes to be a WINNING team. We use Healthy Tree system as an analogy, tree climbing challenges and other forest activities to create trust, develop patience and a STRONG foundation for your team.

You will create a TEAM TREE where all team members contribute to the strong foundation by verbalizing and taking responsibility for what they need to do to be part of the roots.

Your team will create a TREE as a visual and to use as resource that highlights your VISION.

You will receive quick and easy to implement communication tools. Your team members will be able to communicate effectively what they need for support as well. Everyone will learn how to take 100% responsibility in knowing how they feel, how to communicate this and when.

Your team member will strengthen trust in one another.

Depending on what program you choose we set several goals you will need to accomplish as a team. These goals will be attained via tree climbing and other tools.

What are YOUR Team Building options?

Team Building Options

Choose the best time that will work for your team.

  • TEAM BUILDING Retreat options
  • 1/2 day either 830 to noon or 1230 to 4PM
  • Full day 9 to 4

1/2 Choose 2 areas of focus from list below..Full day choose 5.

  • Conflict resolution communication exercise. When you have a conflict learn assertive ways to communicate with one another vs aggressive or passive or manipulative.
  • Create a Powerful TEAM Vision together.
  • Clarify each member’s role. How do you unveil each teams Zone of Genius so 80% of your time is spent in this Zone? Complete Delegation.How to recognize your Zone of Mediocrity, let it go and delegate the rest
  • I AM statement of each individual. We take you through a step by step process to extract  your one year goal and release the beliefs that hold you back from obtaining this goal. You will also receive your next action step.
  • Clarify your Teams Values
  • Recognize the TOP strengths of each member.
  • Practice conducting positive team meetings.
  • Take the enneagram test to discover how you are typically in the world and use this to communicate with other team members with compassion.

Choose from experiential exercises 1 for 1/2 day 2 for full day.

Tree Climb Challenge. We set the tree up in a way that create fun, camaraderie, challenge and connects the entire team.

Blindfold Forest therapy trust walk

Essence Exercise. Extract the core essence of each member.

Release exercise. Forest exercise where each member identifies what holds them back and action to turn it around and let it go.

First we gather to get to know each other with mini experiential exercise. Next we typically do the tree climb or blind fold. We thread it all together during workshop time in one of our tree houses…the Pete Nelson Tree House, Aliyah or Hickory.  Next we partner with Trees and Nature to customize your tree climb challenge to your goals of the day. If you elect for full day we provide an all organic lots of choices for lunch.

    1. Our staff will set up the challenge that makes the most sense to obtain your goals for the Team Building Event. All team members will learn to work together.
    2. This is experiential event and everyone receives that what they are meant to receive. Mainly helps folks to go inside, trust their body soul and mind. This can be designed to deepen trust of one another.

Here are Benefits of what you will receive.

You will discover,  let go and replace your limiting beliefs using nature to access your true wisdom.

      • Climb Majestic trees!
      • Improve communication.
      • Deepen your listening skills for one another.
      • Determining the values of your family or team.
      • Create a VISION together.
      • Rejuvenate in the outdoors!
      • Fun and adventure in the woods
      • Collecting in the energy of others
      • Learn how to tree climb
      • Quality time with your family or co-workers.
      • Get re-connected with yourself so you can connect with others
      • Learn how to use other senses to communicate other than just your voice.
      • Deepen your connection to nature.

You can choose to combine your retreat team building day with Lodging at EarthJoy Village in the 3 Tree Houses that sleeps two to four adults, hammock sleeping can be set up for those wanting to sleep under the stars. The Rise N Shine Lodge sleeps 10.

Lodge sets on same property as  our TreeHouses and are 247 a night during the weekdays. The Germantown Location is gives you have access privately to the 200 acres full of trails, ponds and creeks. In the evening after your team building day you can prepare a meal together in the full kitchen and enjoy it together in the dining room. You can set up volleyball or badminton

      • You will enjoy the Private time for YOUR Family or TEAM…
      • Get away from the everyday stresses of life by being in a beautiful surrounding.

COST: 1/2 day $149.00 a person. Min of 10

Full day 19 or less $125.00 a person. (Min of 10) 20 or more $99.00

What do people say about Earthjoy's Team Building days?

“Shelly and Bill make a great teaching team. Shelly brings her cheerleader/Coach enthusiasm with assured and demonstrated knowledge, Bill brings his Rock of Gibraltar steady aim and methodology to move the training ahead on time and ON TARGET.”

James Reischman on Basic Class- Cincinnati, Ohio

“Every year brings on the cycle of losing members and gaining new members to our team. That is why it is important for us to begin building that chemistry as early as possible. This year we chose to build our foundation with EarthJoy and it was a huge success! It was valuable to spend time away from our environment and have a third party help point out things we may overlook. Shelly and Bill were so in tune to our dynamics and offered great ways to help us build unity and symbolize our values. Our value tree is with us every day. And we draw on the memories from our fun trip often while our chemistry continues to flourish!

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Twitter: @CincinnatiWBB

Is tree climbing safe?
Tree climbing is extremely safe. All of our trees our thoroughly examined before the climb, all ropes are set and tied. Our professional facilitators take you step by step into the tree’s heart utilizing top technical equipment. We use certified arborist ropes, petzl carabineers, petzl top rated helmets, gloves and new tribe harnesses. All gear is ANSI approved. Other than a few blisters from rope abrasion (for those who refuse to wear gloves) there have been no injuries. All climbing trees are free of poison ivy.
What if I'm afraid of heights?
Climbers are never pressured to go any higher than they are comfortable. It is challenge by choice. We take you step by step with the state of art equipment. Once climbers begin to feel comfortable and secure on a rope, they will often move beyond their fear to achieve new heights.

We usually break the team into teams so all sizes, people that may be out of shape can participate.

What should I wear to our team building day?
When the weather is mild: Long pants and hikers (not your best pair) or long socks and long shorts are recommended.

When the weather is cold: Dress in layers. Do wear closed toe shoes with good socks. Thin hats or “skins” are recommended as you will still need to wear a helmet