Pete Nelson Treehouse


Pete Nelson Treehouse Rental

This is the world-famous treehouse as shown on Animal Planet – Tree House Masters – Kentucky Climbers Cottage. This adventure treehouse is ideal for those who want to unplug and have a ‘off the grid’ immersion in nature or the perfect cabin weekend getaway. Walk a ramp into the spacious treehouse. The large barn doors open to let the outside in. A super comfy master bed is  in the loft for two adults. 2-3 small kids can sleep in the pull-down sofa that turns into a twin on main floor. Has electric, and AIR! Your date taken? Need more beds? See the new Aliyah treehouse that sleeps 6.

The space

For those wanting an “off the grid nature experience,” this is a true adventure full of fun things to do. You will enjoy 200 acres to roam, and you can also book a tree climb, hike the heart trail, hobbit tree house trail and more (see map in photos), play volleyball, build a fire, play horseshoes, fish, go on scavenger hunt to find the 5 ponds, explore an abandoned 1800s settlers log cabin, and wade and play in several cool creeks!
Here is what is included in the treehouse:

Key Benefits to this Treehouse Rental:

  • Heated by woodburner stove. Also has a backup space heater.
  • Has ELECTRIC, air conditioner, lights
  • A french coffee press and regular coffee maker
  • Pull down sofa couch to twin. Air mattress if needed
  • Propane grill outside
  • Three-gallon filtered water tank inside for drinking and dishes
  • Portable sink
  • Fire pit outside with seating. 
  • Full kitchenette includes a camp stove, pots and pans, plates, bowls, and utensils for 6. A cooler for your food or bring your own. Please note there is no refrigerator.
  • Large size loft with king size bed. All linen included (linen for sofa couch inside couch). There are extra blankets inside stools.

~200 acres of themed trails will keep you busy for at least three days! You can hike or mountain bike. There is a laminated map inside your treehouse with trail descriptions. We have creeks galore to wade in and a fishing pond. Bring your pool.


Express check in of 130PM for $30.00

Pets $30.00 a pet

Tree climbing 4 or more is $40.00 a person or $59.00 a person for three or less

Load of firewood for $30.00

STAY in the TreeHOUSE built by PETE NELSON the TREEHOUSE Master! check in 4PM check out 11AM 247 1 night 195 a night for two nights

How do you get to the treehouse?

The treehouse is located in Germantown Ky and the specific directions will be emailed to you once you register. From downtown Cincinnati, Ohio give yourself 60 mins comfortably.

Is there a bathroom?
YES! At the entry of the property about a 5 min walk. Each tree house has their own private bathhouse with shower, sink, and toilet with bath towels, wash rags, paper towels and soap.

There is no bathroom in the treehouse there is a compost toilet located within 5 second walk from treehouse.

Is there electricity?
YES! And you now have air conditioning, lights and electric for cell phones and other appliances.
How many does it sleep?
It has a loft king size bed and pull down sofa that turns into a twin. It will sleep two adults and three small children comfortably.

It also has an oversized deck.

What else is there to do on the property?
There are over 10 miles of hiking trails of different levels.

There is plenty to explore along the way. Several creek beds, deer, red-tailed hawks and turkey abounds.

Map is in the treehouse. We have developed scavenger hunts, the hobbit trail whereas  you find the 10 little hobbit houses in the trees.

Jacobs Ladders is a memorial trail you can bring a chime in memory of a loss one to hang along the trail.

The Plant walk is new and found in the tree house that starts on challenge hill I. The plants are numbered and describe each plant. This is seasonal of course.

There is a treehouse manual in each treehouse with nature invitations in the back.

You can book a guided tree climb and experience the canopy tops and climb the same tree we did with Pete Nelson.


How far off the main entry is the treehouse?
You can pull right up to your tree house. Unload and it is about 25 feet down a gently sloped path with a ramped entry.
What else should we bring?
Bring ice for the cooler or bring your own cooler. There is not a refrigerator in the treehouse.

Hiking shoes, and outdoorsy clothes are recommended. Board games, & food to cook out on grill.

What else is there to do in the surrounding areas?
Our favorite place to visit is downtown Augusta is hometown to George Clooney. Visit his mom’s antique shop Nina’s. Eat at the Irish Pub or outside at the Beehive Tavern (Highly recommend making reservations).

Get an ice cream for desert next to pizza place. Walk along the Ohio River and check out the historical homes or take a Ferry ride.

Maysville Kentucky is another favorite. City of Eat at DeShas or visit downtown Maysville.



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Watch this treehouse get built on Treehouse Masters!