200 acres of Trails!


200 acres of themed trails is part of YOUR stay!

You will have private access to 200 acres of trails.

Family and pet-friendly!

Heart Trail  ~ 3.4 miles. From the Aliyah turn left onto gravel road. Go past fish pond and turn right. Follow the hearts on the trees. From the Pete you would start under the tree house. From the Hickory go up to gravel road and turn right. Follow to bottom past Fish pond

This is moderate plus hike and we recommend you be in good physical shape.

Hidden Pond Trail ~Off the red heart trail. Up a steep hill through the cedars at the top rest in the three person trillium. Find hidden pond at top and in the valley. This trail makes a circle and will put you back on the heart trail.

Hobbit Trail ~Off the heart trail. Hobbit trail is marked at trail front. Find 10 hobbit houses in the trees. Make it back to the oldest tree on the property “Mother Irene” Trail ends here or you can continue on the primitive deer trail that circles back around or take the very challenging hill that puts you back on the gravel drive to your tree house or bathhouse. Easy trail or VERY challenging …. Your choice.

JACOB’S LADDER ~ Off the hobbit trail. Turn left and up another challenging hill. Hang your chime along the trail in a tree. This is a quiet prayerful trail. Benches can be found at the top of the trail.

Ponds  ~ We encourage you to find them all

  1. Frog Pond ~ to the left as you drive in down past bath house
  2. Fish Pond ~ follow road pass tree climb grove at the bottom
  3. Magic Pond~ Pass the trillium to the left
  4. Tadpole pond~ pass the trillium to the right before Magic pond, it is sometimes dried up in the summer. Not marked.
  5. Hidden Pond~ Trail is marked~ moderate and at top you will see a sign to go to Hidden Pond this is a primitive trail. Stay on trail to circle back to heart trail.

Cabana Trail   ~ Find the tree pod hanging from trees along the creek side. Cabana is found on the heart trail.  Make a pit stop by the 1800’s settler’s cabin.

Purple Trail   ~Super fun trail! Located at end of Hobbit Trail. It is semi-blazed (mostly wild) and follows a deer trail. You can test out your balance on the logs in the beginning, throughout and the end of the hike.  Follow the purple dots located on the trees to find your way out.

Whispering Pines     ~Starts at frog pond or across from hidden pond trail. Here you simply formulate a question to be answered. The Universe cannot not answer a question once it is asked. So have fun!