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EarthJOY Tree Climbing Academy consists of 5 Levels. You can start with taking Level I tree climbing or Level I & II tree climbing if you are an individual only wanting to learn to tree climb in your backyard, a tree trimmer wanting to be safe in the trees or experiential educator or Levels I-III over 4 to 5 days if you are a camp, organization that wants to start tree climbing for your customers.

We require successful completion of Level III tree climb course in order to for you to facilitate others. We design our trainings in that you can take all three over course of 4 days or take one at a time.

  • Level I SINGLE PITCH tree climb Learn to Access the tree independently.
  • Level II Multi-pitch one and half day tree climb certification. Move around in canopy, and tree traverses.
  • Level III Facilitation & learn rescue tree climb course, rigging and basic pruning. Required to be EarthJOY facilitator Facilitate others at 3:1 ratio
  • Level III+ MORE PRACTICE with tree climb rescue, Levels I-III & Advanced climbing techniques.
  • Level IV Required to be EarthJOY tree climb Instructor offered upon request. This requires submission of climbing logs and Instructor application.

See below for brief descriptions of what each course includes and outlines of what you will receive in each course.

EarthJOY Level I - Single Pitch Tree Climbing Course

In this course you will:

  • Fulfill prerequisite requirements for Level II tree climbing and for expeditions locally and internationally.
  • Learn safety hazards of trees
  • Learn how to throw and use sling shot to access the tree
  • Learn how to route.
  • Know your climbing system by tying over and over again
  • Learn Tree Climbing show calls
  • Hone techniques to climbing
  • How to maneuver aloft
  • Best Equipment

Tuition $227.00. For Availability check our online booking or

For more information contact us at: OR 859-635-0320.

EarthJOY Level II - Multi-Pitch Tree climb certification course

  1. In this course you will:
    • Fulfill prerequisite requirements for Level III tree climb course
    • Builds on Level I tree climb course
    • Be able to transfer branch to branch within a tree without coming down
    • Learn double anchor
    • How to use the end of your rope as lanyard
    • How to climb more efficiently and lightweight
    • Be able to transfer from tree to tree
    • As student is able will teach basic pruning

    For more information contact us at: OR 859-635-0320

EarthJOY Level III - Rescue/Facilitation Tree climb course

In this course you will:

  • Build on Level I & II tree climb courses
  • Be EarthJOY recognized facilitator
  • Be qualified to facilitate at 3:1 ratio
  • Be qualified to lead EarthJOY tree climbs
  • Learn how to rig for small & large tree climbs
  • Learn & perform various rescue situations
  • Learn how to facilitate festival climbs, & various guided climbs
  • Learn how to handle difficult situations

For more information contact us at: OR 859-635-0320.

Tree Climbing in Kentucky $40 for an hour and a half of climbing

Why EarthJoy tree academy?
We are the Greatest Tree Climbing Adventure Company in the World! EarthJoy has over 10 years experience facilitating 1000’s and instructing many organizations/corporations to develop and design their own tree climbing grove.

We have had no incidences and our main focus is on safety first

We make sure you and your facilitators are trained professionally and thoroughly.

We have a tried and true natural process of training you and your facilitators by taking you step by step.

We take into account that everyone learns differently and tailor our instruction to meet those needs.

Our Instructors have gone through all the training levels and are trained to be highly sensitive to people’s needs and their safety.

At EarthJOY everyone is important and YOU feel that from the time you meet us.

What measures do you implement to meet the highest safety standards in the tree climbing industry?
We teach you how to thoroughly examine all your trees before each climb. We teach you how to protect the trees. You will learn how to examine the ropes before and each climb before you set and tie them. You will use a systematic approach when setting up your tree. We only recommend TOP QUALITY equipment including certified arborist ropes, petzl carabineers, petzl top rated helmets, gloves and new tribe harnesses. All gear is ANSI approved. You will learn how to prune your trees and have them be free of poison ivy, insects, and other tree hazards. All trained facilitators must fill out a pre-qualifying application and go through an interview. We only select the top candidates into training and before any facilitator can be certified to facilitate others they must pass a written and skills assessment test.
How hard is tree climbing?

Extraordinary strength is unnecessary. Anyone can climb if they use the proper body mechanics and technique. Keep in mind that people that are athletic and lighter often have an easier time than those who are heavier. We can, if necessary, employ a couple of techniques to assist you in ascending.

Shelly’s expert background as co-owner and Licensed Physical Therapist of Advanced Physical Therapy, P.S.C. naturally provides additional physical support and safety techniques to EarthJoy customers. Bill’s electrical engineer expertise at AVI and background as previous co-owner of Byrne Chiropractic lends to the creative design and safety of all EarthJoy’s playgrounds!

EarthJOY can design climbing methods for most body types and guide you with the correct body mechanics to allow more ease in your climb.

Who do you work with?
We work only with people that can make a financial commitment to their growth as a tree climber and the responsibility that is absolutely required to conduct safe and joyful climbs. Upon request you will need to fill out an application and after interview be accepted into the program.
What do other people say about EarthJoy Academy?

Abe pictured above in middle.Abe pictured above in middle.

“A very, very special THANK YOU to Shelly & Bill Byrne of EARTHJOY TREE ADVENTURES for their unsurpassed dedication, diligence, patience (and humor!) In teaching us the art of climbing trees via their Iluvator Facilitation Program. In retrospect, flying all the way from Pennsylvania: irrelevant; the costs incurred: irrelevant; using up my vacation time to do this: irrelevant; the once in a lifetime experience: PRICELESS!!! We can now climb with the utmost confidence, because we know, we’ve learned from THE BEST! Many Thanks.”

Abram & Maria, Carlisle, PA

Matt ZimmermanMatt Zimmerman

“ I would say jump on any opportunity you have to take a tree climbing class with Earthjoy. Bill and Shelly are excellent instructors and are great people to be around. Once you get up into the trees, you’ll be hooked.”

Matt Zimmerman fire fighter Penns.

Kevin’s facilitators pictured above.

“Starting with my work life, it not only has allowed me to start to facilitate tree climbing for camp, but to also start to reinvent the

Kevin's facilitatorsprogram. Personally, the class has given me new friends, a new joy, and a new perspective (I now walk around looking up at trees and tripping on things).

I think the thing I enjoy most is the freedom you have in a tree. Unlike climbing walls or high rope courses, climbing a tree provides opportunities to climb in any direction. There is also something about climbing a tree that can bring out your inner child (granted, working at a camp, my inner child is not all that deep inside).

While I am excited about climbing trees, I am also excited that I can bring my friends and family along and introduce them to tree climbing.

What I would you say to others that may be thinking of taking this class is Do it. Do it! You know you want to. Why are we even debating this. Seriously. Are we still talking about this? What’s going on here? Less thinking, more action”

Kevin Knapp living in Jackson Michigan for the past 6 years. Program Logistics Manager and Challenge Course Manager at YMCA Storer Camps. Contact by email:

What are my options?
EarthJOY Academy consists of 5 Levels. You can start with taking Level I or Level I & II if you are an individual only wanting to learn to tree climb in your backyard, a tree trimmer wanting to be safe in the trees or experiential educator or Levels I-III over 4 to 5 days if you are a camp, organization that wants to start tree climbing for your customers.

We require successful completion of Level III in order to for you to facilitate others. We design our trainings in that you can take all three over course of 4 days or take one at a time.

Where is this program located?
1500 Race Track Road AJ JOLLY PARK in Alexandria Ky and Germantown Kentucky.
Do you come to us?
Yes, for an additional charge we will train the combined Level I-III or a festival climb. Add in food, lodging, travel time and mileage. Add in time to prune and get your tree “Climb ready”
If I want to start up a tree climbing school at our location how many facilitators do you recommend be trained?
We recommend at least 6 to 8 and rotate them. A good tree can hold about 15 to 20 ropes. We usually give an experiential climb of between an hour and two and half hours depending on what the client chooses. You would need at least 3 under the tree each time and want to have enough staff to safely conduct tree climbs remembering vacation of staff, sick time, or burn out.
What about insurance coverage? Who is responsible?
EarthJoy is fully insured by Roeding Insurance.
What do you wear to tree climb?
For all climbs: Tie up long hair and be sure your glasses are secured.

When the weather is mild: Long pants OR long socks and long shorts are recommended. For purposes of modesty, avoid skirts, very short shorts and low cut jeans. In VERY HOT weather we recommend avoiding cotton.

When the weather is cold: Dress in layers. Do wear closed toe shoes with good socks. Thin hats or “skins” are recommended as you will still need to wear a helmet (provided).


What happens after this training?

Year 1

You will be qualified to facilitate people in the tree at a 3:1 ration. You will fill out a climbing log after each climb and keep track of what worked and what did not work. You will then be automatically put into EarthJOY internship. You are not able to take tree climbing out on the road. Your facilitators are EarthJOY certified under the organization originally established in training you and will sign a non-compete contract. This certification is only recognized under the corporation that invested in the facilitator.

Year 2

Apply for instructor if qualified.

Can I teach others & my own staff the knots?
No. You must have completed our internship. Briefly, you must have at least 3 years experience as a certified EarthJoy facilitator. Have facilitated 50 climbs. Have climbed 12 different species of trees. Have submitted 50 climbing logs. Have conducted night climbs and are extremely safe, proficient at your knots and able to set up a tree for 10 people in less than an hour and half. (See detailed Internship) You will fill out an application, submit for approval, and pass a rigorous physical and written exam.
What if we still do not feel comfortable facilitating after the training?
Most people begin facilitating small groups of climbers immediately after taking our training. However, some people like additional time with us. We do offer additional training at our location (Level III+) A one day course that includes advanced climbing methods.
What other programs do you offer?
Great question! We also offer one and half hour guided climbs for individuals, scouts, and families. We have two tree houses and camp earthjoy. We are known for birthday parties and team building. We also offer weekend long corporate or coaching retreats where you totally immerse into Tree time and yourself.
Okay I think I know what program will work for me, how do I get started?
Email or 859-635-0320 to register. If you still have questions you can set up a complimentary call with us.