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How EarthJOY Treeclimbing and Treehouse Rentals Began

My name is Shelly and I founded EarthJOY in 2007. It was a journey back home. It was an answer to a question I asked myself at 40. What did I do when I was a child that was timeless?

I would gather my neighbors. I would first teach them something in our homemade class room and then we would pack a snack and go for an outdoor adventure. The adventures were always meaningful and fun.

We would walk miles through creek beds and name them. We would ride our bikes up to the store and buy candy. We would spend hours in the woods creating our own childlike treehouse.

It soothed our souls.

When I found treeclimbing I remember the exact moment. I was on vacation looking at an issue of People magazine and I found this picture of a woman in a harness, in a tree. I studied the picture for a while because she looked at peace. This sense of peace was what I wanted the most… To create a peaceful place in nature where people could begin to listen to themselves again.

It is what happens in the treehouse workshops, in the treehouse, and with tree climbing.

Make EarthJOY Treehouses part of your next weekend getaway. Book one of our treehouses or our lodge, or join us for a treeclimbing class. Family- and pet-friendly, we offer a variety of outdoor adventures that are within driving distance of Greater Cincinnati. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Kentucky, look no further. Our treehouse rentals include 200 acres of hiking through a beautiful woodland.

For more details, visit our Treehouse Rentals page, or learn about our outdoor wedding venue.

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