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Looking for a Unique outside adventure in nature for you, your family or spouse to do together?  Looking for things to do or tree climb instruction in Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Indiana area? Let EarthJOY TreeTop Canopy Adventures be your destination.  We offer many options for tree climbing adventures and tree climb training, from a 1 1/2 hour guided canopy tour to full tree climbing class where you can learn to trim your own trees or climb your own trees. If you want to fully immerse try our famous PETE NELSON TreeHOUSE or the Aliyah TreeHouse.


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Along with a treehouse stay, tree climb or workshop you can also enjoy 200 acres of hiking along beautiful hills, creek beds, and enjoy our oversize cabanas. You can go fishing and our manual inside the tree house has a map of the area and other nature invitations inside.


As seen on Pete Nelson's Treehouse Masters!


Tree Climbing in Kentucky $40 for an hour and a half of climbing


Amy A.
I highly recommend this adventure with EarthJoy; it’s worth every penny. I was apprehensive at first because I do not like heights. However, I felt safe enough to swing from a branch and to attempt the “spiderman”, as well as my 11 year old son. We had many laughs and we can not wait to do it again. Thanks Bill and crew!!!
What an amazing and fun adventure! We loved the treehouse! The little touches like great instructions, maps, info on local area attractions were so nice! It was beautiful, safe, so fun! We drove the “perfect circle” suggested by Shelly and everyone loved it. Definitely would recommend the treehouse to others…a total bucket list item!
Shelly ~ Enid, Oklahoma
This place was was like a fairy tale… I highly recommend it!!!
Brittany ~ Richmond, KY
The Pete Nelson treehouse is a perfect blend between primitive and modern. Air conditioning but also barn doors for fresh air. Outhouse but also a modern bathhouse. No television but electric to charge mobile devices for streaming (our children downloaded movies to an iPad to watch while outside of WiFi). We saw plenty of frogs, deer and spiders, but thankfully no bears, snakes or other scary natives. MagiC Pond really IS magic and exploring old structures was amazing. STRONGLY SUGGESTED!!!
Rhonda ~ Utica, New York
Unique place to experience! I love the huge doors that open out to let nature come in to the tree house! The early morning hours will reveal a bunch of gobbler’s communicating together as you realize you are sleeping in their natural habitat! I loved that! Probably my favorite experience each morning! The trails are numerous and I only had time for two hikes, more to discover the next visit! If getting out into nature with folks who enjoy the same is what you are after, you’ll love the tree house and your hosts!



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